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Roundseam is the smart choice for employers and job seekers in the AST industry.  Our family of staffing and recruiting companies are the leading provider of skilled AST professionals to prospective employers.  We strive to serve the entire industry, from tank owners to tank contractors and everyone in between.

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Why Roundseam

At Roundseam.com, we link hard-working people with high paying jobs. With personal and real-world experience in the Tank Industry, we strive to employ smart staffing solutions that pair dependable tank workers with top-paying companies.


People matter. Storage Tank industry professionals are a small group (select group) – we need to take care of each other.


Cultivate an environment of open communication, respect, feedback and support


Listen, look for and pioneer creative solutions to industry problems. Fill the Storage Tank Industry’s need to put top people in top positions.


Always provide an exceptional experience. Make lives better by putting the right people with the right jobs.